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Hart is South Australia’s premier agronomic field trial site, managed by farmers and industry professionals to provide independent research that is timely, relevant and unbiased, as well as cutting edge and innovative.

Located between Blyth and Brinkworth in South Australia’s Mid-North, Hart is situated on 40 hectares owned by the Hart Field-Site Group Inc.

Our event calendar begins with our annual Getting The Crop In seminar (March). Our trial program is then the focus of our remaining events, all held on site; the Winter Walk (July), main Field Day (September), and at our Spring Twilight Walk (October). Other workshops and demonstrations are also run to further extend research projects to growers.

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Soil type
at the site is a clay loam grading to calcareous and dispersive clay. Soil pH values which are slighly alkaline are typical for the soil. A number of soil profiles in the area have been characterised for Yield Prophet and in general have a plant available water capacity (PAWC) or 'bucket size' around 180 - 200 mm.

Hart's average annual rainfall is 400 mm with an average growing season rainfall of 300 mm.



What's new?

HART BEAT 60 | June 15, 2022HART BEAT #60
Hart Beat is back!

For the last fourteen years, we've provided you with yield prediction updates throughout the growing season at eight Mid-North sites, and this year is no different.

You can read the latest release here ► HART BEAT 60

Watch out for the next edition as we'll also be answering some frequently asked questions as part of a new 'Behind The Scenes' series that will help explain the how and why of some of our trials and research.

Previous issues of Hart Beat can be found here ► HART BEAT NEWSLETTERS
(You'll also find links to our annual Yield Prophet performance analysis reports.)

Hart podcast | Getting The Crop In 2022 | Three part seriesNew podcast series | Getting The Crop In 2022

EPISODE 1: Grain marketing and the war in Ukraine, with Paul Lange, Centre State Exports

EPISODE 2: Revved up and contract to grow with Keith farmer, Glen Simpson

EPISODE 3: Hart trials & research with Rebekah Allen, Hart

We hope you enjoy them!

Find more podcasts from Hart ► VIDEOS & PODCASTS

Hart's 2021 Trial Results BookHart 2021 Trial Results

The full publication is now available to download FREE, either in full or article by article.






Wheat in the Birdcage by Declan Anderson - Hart's 2021 Regional InternWHEAT IN THE BIRDCAGE

Septoria tritici blotch (STB) - what is it really and why should you care?

And what is the birdcage reference all about...?

Find out more about this new research project, including a fascinating look behind the scences and other Hart news in a report from Declan Anderson, Hart's regional intern.

WHEAT IN THE BIRDCAGE | Issue 4 | March 1, 2022 - out now

WHEAT IN THE BIRDCAGE - all editions

Kevin Jaeschke - Hart co-founderThe heart of Hart, Kevin Jaeschke OAM farewelled

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of one of our founders.

Kevin was such an important part of Hart's beginnings; in fact he hosted the first Hart Field Days on his farm and went on to volunteer hundreds of hours over many years to help make the Hart group what it is today.

The Hart team, both past and present, pass on our most sincere condolences to Lorna, Michael, Louise, Chris, & Graham and their families, and to his friends.

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year, we will remember him with respect and gratitude. RIP Kevin.

Read more about Kevin and his valuable contribution ► THE HEART OF HART, KEVIN JAESCHKE OAM FAREWELLED
(extended version with additional photos) 

Hart intern, Declan Anderson, measuring rainfall in 2021Rainfall variability at Hart in 2021

"How much rain did you get...?"
It's a common question, but the answer is sometimes perplexing; your neighbour got 16 mm, yet you only got 10 mm.

We regularly hear growers expressing uncertainty around the varying amount of rainfall recorded across short to medium distances and we've also noticed variation across our own site at Hart.

So we set up a very simple trial to track how much variation occurs. We're presenting the data in some really easy to interprete, colour coded maps (thanks Declan!) and it's really interesting.

You'll find them here (under the 'Live Weather' tab in our main menu) ► RAINFALL VARIABILITY TRIAL

Hart videosOur video catalogue keeps growing...

Recent additions include:
► Wheat & durum variety update
► Evaluation of chaff lining systems in South Australia
► Improving oaten hay production & quality
► Legume & oilseed herbicide tolerance
► Managment tips for wheat & awnelss variety options
► Using crop competition for effective ryegrass control

You'll find them here ► VIDEOS AND PODCASTS


  Hart Healthy FarmersHART HEALTHY FARMERS

Looking after your physical and emotional health is important to us and we hope it's important to you too.

We have a designated page on our website to share health and wellbeing resources and while it hasn't been updated for a while, we have lots of new content from local health services and other partners ready to roll out.

So watch out for updates around the 5th of each month ► HEALTHY FARMERS

Tell us what you'd like to see next ► admin@hartfieldsite.org.au

HART Grower GuidesGrower Guides

► Ten tips for early sown wheat

► How can you improve pre-emergent herbicide spray coverage in stubble retention systems?

► Which seeding system is most effective?

► Why are nitrous oxide emissions an issue?

► Can soil carbon (C) content can be increased through stubble retention +/- additional nutrients to assist the breakdown of stubble?

Read or download your free copies here ► GROWER GUIDES

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Winter Walk
Tuesday July 19, 2022
9am  |  Hart, SA

Hart Field Day
Tuesday September 20, 2022
Hart, SA

Spring Twilight Walk
Tuesday October 18, 2022
5pm  |  Hart, SA



Getting the Crop In seminar
Wednesday, March 8, 2023
8am  |  Clare, SA

Winter Walk
Tuesday July 18, 2023
9am  |  Hart, SA

Hart Field Day
Tuesday September 19, 2023
Hart, SA

Spring Twilight Walk
Tuesday October 17, 2023
5pm  |  Hart, SA




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